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Last Updated: Tuesday September 08 2009 10:32 GMT

Row over beauty salons for kids

Leah looks into beauty salons for children

A row over beauty salons for children in Scotland has stretched all the way to the Scottish parliament.

The first salon just for children has opened in Scotland, and lots of kids have already been for a makeover.

But Scottish politicians are among a number of people who aren't happy about it, saying it encourages girls to grow up much too quickly.

One MSP, Sandra White, said using make-up at home is fine but it becomes a problem when kids go to salons for it.

As well as styling hair and professional make-up, the salon also has films for children to watch and offers them drinks.

Newsround's Leah with girls at a beauty salon

That's another thing that has got people annoyed, as some of the drinks are fizzy and come in cocktail-style glasses, making them look a bit like alcoholic adult drinks.

But while adults think the salon may not be good for children, the clients themselves told Newsround they thought it was a good idea.

"Make me feel special"

One girl said: "I like getting my hair done, and hanging out with my friends it makes me feel special."

Another admitted that her brother went there too, and was much happier at the salon than a normal hairdressers because he could watch films while having a trim.