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Last Updated: Tuesday September 08 2009 05:54 GMT

Tom may be UK's youngest skydiver

Boy, 7, 'UK's youngest skydiver'

A seven-year-old boy could be youngest skydiver in the UK after taking his first leap from a plane.

Tom had to travel to the country of Slovenia to make the dive, as no-one younger than 16 is allowed to skydive in the UK.

Tom didn't make the jump on his own though - he was strapped to a more experienced parachutist.

Tom's mum and dad are both big fans of the sport and his nine-year-old sister Lucy is a keen jumper as well.

Tom's parents even met when parachuting, and have made more than 2,000 jumps between them.

There is a chance other children from the UK younger than Tom have also skydived in other countries, but it's pretty hard to keep track of foreign jumps.