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Last Updated: Thursday September 10 2009 10:31 GMT

Are kids' beauty salons a good thing?

Beauty salon

With so many celebs on TV it can feel like there's loads of pressure to look good.

Now there are beauty salons all over the country catering only for kids, helping you get your hair styled like your favourite star, or you can get the latest nail colours and make-up.

Have you ever been to one and do you think they are a good thing?

Or do you think spending loads getting beauty treatment is a waste of money?

Is it bad for kids to get make-overs like adults or are beauty salons just harmless fun?

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Your comments

"I think that this is dumb. We are too young to be dressed like this and should wait to develop, as by the time we're 16, we will look like we are 56 and have to wear wigs. It is worse than sun tans."

Sara, 10, London, England

"I think it's great and nothing wrong with girls wanting to be, well, girls! Would they consider opening one in Manchester?"

Jessica, 12, Lancashire, England

"I don't think they're a bad idea but I think the amount of styling they do should be limited because young kids shouldn't wear too much make-up. I don't see what's wrong with having your hair styled and wearing some make up."

Wallis, 11, Birmingham, England

"Oh My Jonas! You're going on about kids having them when adults have salons too. It's a kids choice to go or not, you cannot make the decision for them. It's their entitled opinion and if you want to look good for a night at a disco or a night out, that's a good place to get looking good!"

Mollie, 11, Merseyside, England

"I was a junior beauty princess for two years running and I think this is a brilliant way to maintain your good looks. My daddy doesn't think I need beauty salons because I'm so beautiful already."

Princess Sophia, 11, Brighton, England

"I think it is a brilliant idea as it makes kids who are being bullied feel special."

Ella, 10, Suffolk, England

"I think it's great!!! Instead of getting bored in a usual hairdressers, here you can watch a movie and all!"

Christopher, 12, France

"I went to a great children's salon. It was full of decorations and you even got to sit in seats shaped like cars and horses and stuff. There was good kids TV on and the stylist did my hair just the way I wanted it because she knew what was in fashion for 10 year olds! I'm definitely going back."

Tom, 10, London, England

"Hmmm, I don't like that idea. It's great to feel and look good but having make-up and fake tans at a young age will damage their skin, plus kids shouldn't worry about how they look at a young age. They have plenty of time to pamper themselves when they're older. Plus, everyone looks different, and natural is better than fake. "

Ruhi, 14, Liverpool, England

"I think it is harmless once in a while, but if you become obsessed with it that's not good. You should be encouraged to look like yourself, not like a celebrity."

Rosie, 11, York, England

"Yes yes double yes!!"

Claudia, 11, Berkshire, England

"I think it is a brill idea!"

Chloe, 12, Fife, Scotland

"I think it is a good idea because what is so bad about a little bit of make-up and a few curls in your hair. It will wash away the next day. I think people should just relax and take it easy. It is not a bad thing!"

Beth, 13, Leicestershire, England

"I think it is OK but they should have their parents' permission and the age should be 11+ to make sure that the kids don't do anything stupid. I would go there, but they should not have tanning beds and anything too drastic."

Leonne, 12, Norfolk, England

"I think it is a good idea, as long as they don't go constantly. They are good because the people know what kids like and want, because most other places only have adult styles. For little kids, it is good that they can keep still by watching a film or something, and if it's their birthday they can go and get their nails and make-up done for fun."

Hayley, 13, California, USA

"Sounds great as long as they don't overdo it!"

Fiona, 9, Massachusetts, USA

"I think it's good as long as 10 and 11-year-olds aren't getting over the top make-up and trying to look 16. If a 14 to 16-year-old wants to look 16, I think it's fine."

Amy, 14, Southampton, England

"I think beauty salons for kids are just plain wrong and the parents are bad role models for taking their kids to them! Kids should be encouraged to like the way they look, not to change it. I think it's disgusting that children as young as seven are wearing make-up and getting fake tans!"

Alice, 14, Worcester, England

"If children want to get glammed up people should let them, but I don't think it is suitable for children to go to a salon because at the end of the day we are just children and will have plenty of time to waste our money on beauty treatments when we are older. I don't think it is a very good idea."

Katie, 12, Leicestershire, England

"I think salons are a good idea, however they shouldn't include tanning machines and other dangerous things, and should also teach children about body image and self respect."

Tom, 13, Derbyshire, England

"What's the big deal? I love the idea for a kids' salon, kids get their hair done and wear make-up. They'll be nice to go to when special occasions like dances and proms come up."

Karen, 14, Yorkshire, England

"I think that there is a lot of pressure for kids to look good. But if having your hair done and having your nails painted makes you feel good and boosts your confidence then I don't see what's wrong with that. What you've got to remember is that everyone is different, and you can't change who you are."

Elin, 13, Wales

"I think it's good because it makes children more confident and if they go there they will be less bullied on their appearance."

Georgina, 11, England

"I think that it's harmless if you go now and again. But if you go too much you could get obsessed!"

Beatrice, 10, Nottingham, England

"I think that children are too young to have a beauty salon just for them."

Claire, 11, London, England

"I think it's fine as you don't get many places like this and who made the rule that only adults can get pampered? I will definitely go there!"

Elaine, 11, Scotland

"I think that beauty parlours like these are not really right. I am 13 and the only time I ever go to a salon is to get my hair cut. Girls don't need to cover themselves in make-up and they should enjoy being a kid before they have to grow up!"

Lizzie, 13, Derbyshire, England

"No-one kicked up a fuss about kids getting their hair done in adult salons, so what's this all about!"

Suzie, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think the salons are a good thing. Kids like them so I don't think they should close. I hope one opens near us!"

Elizabeth, 10, Surrey, England

"These salons sound brilliant - we need some in our area. I don't think they are a problem at all."

Chloe, 11, Milton Keynes, England

"Some kids get bullied because of how they look, I think it's a good idea as long as you don't go over the top."

Emily, 12, Scotland

"I think that it is wrong. Kids don't need this treatment to feel special because they already are."

Georgie, 9, London, England

"The media already makes children feel that they are not pretty enough or their body is not the right shape, and beauty salons for kids will just encourage them to change the way they look!"

Emily, 10, Gloucestershire, England

"I don't think this is right because children are too young to get all these treatments done. I would never go to one of these salons for children, it just is not right."

Isla, 8, Hampshire, England

"I think it is a cool idea because it's what kids our age want but I think there should be an age you have to be to be able to come because it could be unsuitable for younger children."

Julia, 12, Surrey, England

"I don't mind it, I think it gives girls the chance to feel mature and good about themselves. I don't like the make-up but the fact you go there and it's only teen girls, it feels more secure, like you fit in."

Victoria, 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I think it's a good idea, as it means kids can relax. However, I think that they shouldn't include tanning beds."

Hannah, 11, Nottingham, England

"I think that kids beauty salons aren't a good or bad thing. Kids already wear make-up and even go to normal salons to have their hair done. I think it's just a fun thing to do as long as it's not taken seriously."

Sophia, 12, Wales

"I think this is a great idea. This is great fun for all young girls."

Abi, 12, Hampshire, England

"Why is everyone so obsessed on how they look these days?? I think it's awful!!"

Hannah, 13, Scotland

"I think they should open more salons like this all over the country. I want to open one when I'm older."

Beth, 11, Devon, England

"I think they are a good idea because it makes you more confident in how you look."

Toni, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it is good because it's alright to want to look nice so why should they stop you?"

Hannah, 12, Middlesex, England

"I think it's a good idea as it gives children what only adults usually get."

Ruby, 11, London, England

"I think beauty salons for kids are stupid because the ones who go there will pick on people who they think don't look right."

Ellie, 12, Sheffield, England

"I think that it doesn't make a difference as my friends go to high school and after their first year they all wore make-up and all the other things they do at this salon. So I don't think it makes a difference and we should be able to do what we like for a change."

Alex, 13, Norfolk, England

"I think they're a bad idea because people who aren't allowed to go will feel self conscious, and those who can go will become obsessed with looking glam and cool."

Chloe, 12, Shropshire, England

"I think it's a good idea, the government should ask kids before making choices on what they think. I would love to go too. I love to get glammed up."

Pauline, 12, Scotland

"Terrible, you're not even allowed to wear earrings at school let alone go to a salon to look like Jodie Marsh! I love makeovers and having my hair done but this is too far!"

Harriet, 12, Stockport, England

"I think it's a great idea. It would make a great present for birthdays or you could even just go there to relax and be pampered."

Olivia, 12, Hull, England

"I think having beauty salons for children is a good idea, because it's fun and it makes them feel grown up."

Sarah, 12, Sussex, England

"Yeah, I think it's cool as long as they're not used excessively."

Katie, 10, Scotland

"I think it is a great idea! I'd love one in my town. As long as there's not tanning equipment I think it's ace!"

Hannah, 11, Yorkshire, England

"I think it is a bad idea because kids think they should look perfect all the time and start wearing make-up and false tan to school and they start thinking they are better than everyone else but they aren't."

Miley, 13, Cork, Ireland

"I love the sound of it! I don't know why people don't like it, I wish there was a salon near me."

Megan, 12, Berkshire, England

"I think it is a great idea. I wish we had one in Birmingham."

Kimran, 11, Birmingham, England

"I think it's nice to have kid salons, because sometimes kids get picked on or they're insecure about the way they look. So they can get it done the way they like, because you all know mums want their children's hair the way THEY want! I think these salons are brilliant ideas and they should put them all over the country!"

Catherine, 12, Gloucester, England

"I think it is a good idea because it makes girls and boys feel special and it's not like plastic surgery, just your hair, nails and make-up. Any girl who likes those things would do them at home so why can't they get it done at a salon by someone else?"

Maisie, 10, Cheshire, England

"It is ridiculous, why take their childhood away from them? It doesn't matter what they look like, they're children not silly models."

Emily, 10, Warwickshire, England

"Life's not about appearance, it's about who you are and the time that you have as a child, which you should spend enjoying yourself instead of worrying about how you look!"

Hannah, 13, Shropshire, England

"There's one near me. I think it's quite stupid if people are doing it a lot but if you've been in once or twice it's OK."

Colette, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it is alright because it makes you feel grown up and also I don't because you get used to it so much you might wear it everyday."

Amelia, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"It's OK just as long it's only a one-off, otherwise people could be bullied for not having the style. And besides, children are too young to worry about such things."

William, 14, Derby, England

"I think it's a great idea, it makes kids feel good about themselves and they're just having a good time. It's also a great place to hang out with your mates or have a party there!"

Abigail, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"I think it's really stupid because then they start worrying about their looks and weight. It costs money and what's the point if you can make yourself look nice at home? I don't think they should be trying to look like who they're not. We should all be ourselves. Anyway it's like pretending that you're older than you really are. You shouldn't be trying to make yourself a little adult!"

Aneka, 11, London, England

"I think that this is a good idea for a party, as one girl says it makes her feel special. I do things like this with my mates at a sleepover and it's great fun."

Abbie, 13, Kent, England

"No, I don't think kids should be going to salons because it shows only fakeness."

Jessica, 9, Essex, England

"I think that it might be a bad idea because children should be thinking about other things, like school or friends."

Phoebe, 11, East Sussex, England

"I think it is a good idea because it allows kids to look like their favourite celebrity and feel good."

Flare, 13, Surrey, England

"I think it is good this, because then you get loads of compliments on how nice you look."

Tyla, 10, Liverpool, England

"I think it is a stupid idea to have beauty salons just for kids. Having your hair and make-up done will only last a day so what's the point of wasting your money?"

Merle, 11, London, England

"Everyone is already mad about fashion, now it's going to be worse."

Sarah, 11, Liverpool, England

"I think it's stupid for the government to get involved in such a silly debate. It's got nothing to do with them. If your parents approve then kids should wear make-up if they want to."

Alice, 12, Scotland

"I would really like this in my town because I live on a small island on the west coast across from a larger town. It is mostly really adult beauty places so I think that one for girls would be good because we would all use it."

Heather, 13, Scotland

"I think children are too young to get make-up and other stuff like that. I think they can just go to a normal salon to get their hair done."

Milena, 11, London, England

"I think kids should be allowed because it makes kids feel more confident and they will express themselves more."

Neve, 9, Cambridgeshire, England

"These are awful, they encourage kids to be ashamed of their natural looks."

J, 12, Manchester, England

"I think it's terrible, because you should only start wearing make-up when you are over 16."

Tia, 11, London, England

"I think it is really negative for young people to be so image conscious. They will grow up to be superficial and materialistic. It seems that everyone is losing their sense of individuality; why does everyone want to be a clone of the airbrushed woman we see so often in the media?"

Charlotte, 11, Derbyshire, England

"It's a good thing, because some girls think of themselves as ugly so they do those kind of things to look much better, like hair straightening or curling... All those things."

Nora, 10, London, England

"I'd love a beauty salon in my area. I don't think it's such a GOOD idea but I think all girls would love it."

Katrin, 11, Newcastle, Wales

"I'm in between on this report as I think it's nice as a treat, reward or present but I am also concerned that it might make children concerned about the way they look."

Eleanor, 12, Kent, England

"I think that the beauty salon is a really bad idea because they are just putting rubbish on their hands and face."

Robyn, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Kids should be kids and not dressed up like adults."

Taylor, 10, Kent, England

"I think beauty salons for kids are great because when I go to get my hair or make-up done I normally have to go to an adult's salon and this makes me look more like an adult, but kids beauty salons wouldn't make me look more like an adult they would make me look my age."

Iggy, 12, London, England

"Children around the age of 12 and under don't really need these kind of facilities. I can understand why a teenager would want to visit a beauty salon, but not understand how a child below 12 years old would want to."

Samuel, 14, Birmingham, England

"I think it's a fantastic idea as kids get treated how adults would be treated, which makes them feel better about themselves! Plus, who doesn't love being pampered!"

Monisha, 12, London, England

"Yes, it's just like getting your hair cut or painting your nails. Everyone does it!"

Erinn, 12, Scotland

"I think they are a good idea because it gives people confidence and self-esteem. I go to a salon to get my nails done often and it makes me feel good and relaxed."

Lily, 13, Essex, England

"I think if you want to look nice, go for it."

Zoe, 12, Scotland

"I think girls should be allowed to have this done, but sometimes I see girls that can look a bit over the top!"

Alice, 11, Lincoln, England

"I think it's a really good idea, I would go to one. It would make you more confident about yourself."

Livvi, 13, Milton Keynes, England

"I think beauty salons for kids are a great idea because it is harmless. I wish there were some where I lived!!!"

Kirsty, 11, Scotland

"I think this is a bad idea because kids should be playing out in the garden and getting muddy instead of worrying about HOW mucky they are!"

Lizzie, 10, Dorset, England

"I think it's making more girls into beauty queens."

Uma, 10, Jersey

"We are just kids. We should do stuff we want to do while we can."

Toby, 11, East Sussex, England

"If girls want to look good that's their choice but personally I think it's a waste of money. Everyone's beautiful in their own way."

Sam, 12, Birmingham, England

"In Northern Ireland we have some salons like that and they are really fun! But it's not good if the stylist goes over the top with the make-up or hair style!"

Becka, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I think it's a great idea, it can boost confidence! AND make you look and feel better!"

Samuel, 10, Kent, England

"I think it's a great idea. Yes, there is a lot of pressure out there to look good but if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you're bound to be up for more and do better at things."

Sarah, 13, Manchester, England

"I think it's a good idea because it will make them feel special."

Bradley, 11, Essex, England

"I think it's a good idea because kids can feel good about themselves, plus they might meet new friends and talk to more children. I think they should set more up."

Abigail, 12, Lancashire, England

"I like the idea. It makes you feel special and less under pressure to look good."

Rebecca, 11, London, England

"I think it's a bit stupid. I don't see the harm in wearing make-up and getting your hair done; but having salons like this will make kids obsessed with the way they look and could lead to serious problems."

Katie, 12, Manchester, England

"I think they are good because it gives a child a chance to be grown up and have a bit of responsibility."

Chelsea, 14, Leeds, England

"I think it's a good idea to get kids feeling good about themselves."

Harry, 12, Norfolk, England

"I think beauty parlours for kids are a good idea as girls can have a girly pamper every once in a while. However, I do not think that young girls should be doing it and there should be restrictions."

Lizzie, 12, Birmingham, England

"I don't like the idea. It's basically copying celebs and some of those celebs are not good role models. Too many people are trying to make themselves look better when looks don't really compare to personality."

Corinne, 13, East Sussex, England

"I don't understand what all the fuss is about. It's not like you don't do your hair and make-up at home. It's nice having your hair and make-up done and it's something good to do with friends."

Mollie, 14, Suffolk, England

"It's more fun doing it with your mates at home."

Charlie, 13, Nottinghamshire, England

"Does it make a difference? It doesn't make children grow up too fast. They can still do this in normal salons. I think it's a great idea because it's much more kid-friendly while you can still be glammed up at the same time!"

Megan, 10, Scotland

"I think personally that it is OK to have children's beauty salons, but only for hair and spa reasons not for tanning machines."

Lynsey, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think every girl loves to pamper themselves and it's OK, but tanning machines are way too much."

Gemma R-B, 11, Essex, England

"I don't think that girls should be having make-up put on at a salon because they're little girls not women and they should stick with their natural look. Make-up makes people look false."

Molly, 9, Lancashire, England

"I think it's a good idea but I don't think kids should pay to have a bit of fun! I am also against having tanning beds for kids!"

Anna, 12, Essex, England

"It's a great idea, because when there's children who have had a tough day at school, they can just ask their mum or dad to drop them off. If there is going to be kids beauty salons in the UK I hope they build one in Nottingham!"

Natalie, 10, Nottingham, England

"I think is a great idea for kids. It's harmless fun. I love getting my nails, hair and make-up done, what girl doesn't?! Open more salons!"

Brooke, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think that the row is stupid nonsense. If we choose to go to a children's beauty salon it's our choice."

Lauren, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"It's OK, but sometimes you can go overboard because I think kids should look like kids not like adults."

Shannon, 8, Bolton, England

"It's OK, as long as they don't overdo it. They shouldn't have any of the stuff which could prove dangerous, but the basics are OK."

Freddie, 9, Herefordshire, England

"I think it's good that kids get to have salons like this. It makes us feel special to know that people are looking at us because we look good and that they don't think you're strange or look stupid. When boys say we look stupid it does actually hurt our feelings."

Brianna, 10, Midlands, England

"I think it is fine for girls to have their hair and make-up done."

Bethany, 12, Stoke on Trent, England

"Children should be children. There's plenty of time for grown-up things when they are grown up!"

Holly, 8, Reading, England

"I think the salon is a really nice idea. People like being pampered and it's a bit of a treat. Other shops do children's parties so what's the problem? Plastic wine glasses are not very suitable, so maybe change that but overall I think the salon is a great idea. It's not like they have things like sun beds, which are bad for your skin!"

Rachael, 12, Greater Manchester, England

"It's good I think, because it will increase kids' self-esteem. It's not permanent and can easily be washed off."

Lizzie, 13, UK

"Adults are acting like we are committing a crime."

Kathryn, 12, Scotland

"I don't think it is right letting your kids wear make-up when they are young because it just gives them spots. When you see these other children wearing foundation it makes them look plastic."

Aemilia, 13, Derbyshire, England

"I think it's a great idea and an opportunity for children to come together."

Georgina, 11, Greater Manchester, England

"I want to look good but I wouldn't go this far. I think kids should enjoy getting dirty and just being kids."

Emily, 11, Scunthorpe, England

"I think children are OK having make-up done with some pretty lip gloss, eye shadow and a few curls in your hair. But when it comes down to eight or nine year olds with mascara and foundation on... That's when the problem starts because it will just ruin their skin at a very young age and give them spots!"

Megan, 13, Leicestershire, England

"I think it is silly that there are beauty salons for kids because there is no point in looking good at such a young age and it is a waste of money. You are only going to wash it all off after. Kids should just be kids for as long as possible."

Sienna, 12, Plymouth, England

"It's stupid! You don't want kids to start doing things they should be doing when they're older. Kids nowadays are acting older than they should be."

Jennifer, 13, London, England

"Yeah, because it's a place you can go to to make you feel pretty and beautiful."

Anna, 11, England

"I think we should have beauty salons for kids, because if your parents want you to have a hair cut then we can but we can also have a treat by having our make-up and nails done too!"

Danielle, 12, Wales

"They should not do this and the shop should be shut!"

Charlie, 9, Swindon, England

"I think it is OK for girls to have their make-up done because I like having my make-up done, and also it isn't like it is doing anything to us."

Bethany, 12, Stoke on Trent, England

"I think kids like me have rights to feel good in ourselves as well as adults, but as long as they don't become obsessive about the way they look."

Kyra, 11, Surrey, England

"I'd love to go to one. I don't see what's wrong with them!!"

Louise, 13, Northampton, England

"I think that if girls want to dress up and have their hair and make-up done it's fine! Me and my friends all do, we all wear make-up at school too, it's kind of pressured though."

Vicki, 11, Shropshire, England

"I think there is pressure on children to look older than they are, but I'd love a salon like that where I live!"

Molly, 11, Wales

"No, they shouldn't have these beauty salons for children because all that stuff is for teenagers and it should give us something to look forward to. If we start doing it at this age then we won't have it to look forward to when we're older. Also, make-up will ruin our skin more if we use it from a young age."

Crystal, 14, London, England

"Personally I think that wearing make-up as a kid makes you seem like a person who has a low self-esteem."

Monica, 13, Suffolk, England

"I think that it is fine because young children should be able to feel better about how they look."

Louisa, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"I think it's good that younger girls have places like this. It makes us feel good about ourselves and it's a bit of harmless fun."

Jackie, 10, Sussex, England

"I think children should be children and we shouldn't be pressurised to look good. I am probably the only girl in my year that doesn't wear make-up, but I'm not bothered because I am a child not a adult. I think the salons should stay open but only as a hairdressers."

Isabella, 12, Rotherham, England

"I think it's a fantastic idea but they should open more of these salons in other places like London."

Fausta, 10, London, England

"I think that children should be allowed to get their hair and make-up done, if it's what makes them happy then adults should respect that."

Robin, 14, Manchester, England

"I think kids should be allowed! I love getting glammed up! It's fun but I only do it at home with my mum! I think it is stupid paying for it! But I think there shouldn't be tanning beds! It would help kids relax after school!"

Marielle, 12, Cumbria, England

"It's kind of a waste of time."

Riordan, 12, Cambridgeshire, England

"Kids beauty salons are a good thing because when you're older you can get a good hairstyling job!"

Courtney, 11, Bristol, England

"I think it's OK to have salons for kids, just don't include things like tanning beds."

Ellie, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"I think it's a really bad idea because kids will become obsessed with the way they look and won't realise that you have to make the most of being a child before you are too big for certain activities."

Charlotte, 11, Sussex, England

"If adults can why can't we? What's wrong with us having our hair done?"

Ebony, 9, Kent, England

"I think they are a good idea, because it helps children feel good about themselves."

Ellie, 12, East Yorkshire, England

"I've never heard of a kids' salon that can give a makeover to look like your favourite star, but I guess it's just a bit of harmless fun."

Suzanne, 14, Herts, England

"I think salons are good and bad in some ways. The good thing is children need a bit of a treat some times."

Yasmin, 10, Essex

"I think it's OK to have kids' beauty salons but they shouldn't include everything, like self tanning machines. Just make-up and hair."

Molly, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"Kids' beauty salons are fantastic! We need more of the salons around the country!"

Beth, 12, Herefordshire, England

"I think it is a good idea because it is a good way to relax and have fun!"

Rachel, 10, Ayrshire, Scotland

"In a word. Terrible!"

Amber, 11, Exeter, England