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Last Updated: Monday September 07 2009 16:56 GMT

Hayley investigates dirty beaches

Hayley on the beach

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Dirty water is a growing problem on the UK's beaches with less of them being awarded marks for excellence and more of them being so bad, they could make you ill.

Hayley went back to her hometown to see how clean her local beach is.

A lot of us have been to the seaside in the UK this summer, but for me the seaside is my home as I was born and brought up in Cleveleys which is a seaside town near Blackpool.

Now I used to paddle and play on my local beach, but it seems that the water there is not very clean and so it might not be safe to swim there now.

So today I went back to Cleveleys beach and chatted to some of the children who go to my old school about the state of our beach.

Rubbish on the beach

Although it was a sunny day, and there were lots of people walking along the beach and enjoying ice creams, there was rubbish on the beach and the sea didn't look too clean.

I spoke to Jonathan and Ryan who both said that they played on the beach quite a lot but they wouldn't go in the sea as it looks too dirty.

Hannah told me that she goes in the sea and plays there in the summer. But when I told her that the water may not be the cleanest and could possibly make her poorly she was very surprised. She said that she probably would not go into the sea now, but she will play in the sand.

Living by the seaside is a great place to live and it means that you always have somewhere to play or go for walks, but it is advised that we only go and play in the sea if a beach has been recommended as safe by the Good Beach Guide or if it has a blue flag status.