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Last Updated: Monday September 07 2009 07:45 GMT

Cougar living in US park caught

A captured cougar

A cougar that has been on the loose in the city of Seattle in America has been caught after two weeks on the run.

The cougar was captured in Discovery Park after it ran up a tree to escape a pack of dogs used to help catch it.

Officials were then able to shoot it with a dart to put it sleep, before taking it away from the city and releasing it back into the wild.

They said the park was the perfect place for the cougar to live, as there were lots of small animals to snack on.

Capt. Bill Hebner, of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, said he thought the big cat was feeding on animals including pet cats while on the prowl.

A cougar on the run
An official tries to catch the cougar - what would he have done if he'd caught it?!?

Wild rabbits may also have been on the menu for the beast.

Plenty to eat

Capt. Hebner added that because there were no other large animals living in the park battling the cougar for food, it would have had plenty to eat.

After being caught the animal was taken 45 miles away from Seattle and released. A special collar has been put on it so it can be tracked by wildlife officials.