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Last Updated: Thursday September 03 2009 12:29 GMT

Sasha Obama sneaks up on her dad!

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Security is pretty tight around Barack Obama, but it didn't stop his daughter Sasha sneaking up on him at work,

Sasha was snapped by a photographer at the White House trying to surprise her dad, while he was hard at work inside the famous Oval Office.

Mr Obama has said being able to work and live at home is "one of the huge benefits of being president".

The photo, showing eight-year-old Sasha hiding behind a sofa, was taken at the beginning of August.

President John F Kennedy and his John Jnr

The image has got some people excited because it reminds them of a really famous photograph taken of another president and his family from 1963.

The black-and-white picture shows President John F Kennedy sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office, with his son John F Kennedy Jnr playing inside the desk.