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Last Updated: Wednesday September 02 2009 15:24 GMT

Too many treats in packed lunches

Too much junk in packed lunches

Children heading back to school this week have been given yet another thing to worry about - their lunchboxes.

Around three quarters of kids take a prepared lunch to school, but it seems they're packed full of unhealthy items.

More than nine out of 10 lunchboxes contain a fun-size chocolate bar, biscuits or a slice of cake every day.

What you munch on at school may not seem that important, but it plays a big part in making sure you can concentrate during lessons and have enough energy.

The School Lunchbox Nutrition study found far fewer lunchboxes contain healthier items like fruit or salad.

Things are a little better when you get home though, with more than half of parents saying their evening meals are home-made and include vegetables.

Impact on health

Independent dietician and nutritionist Dr Mabel Blades said: "What children and teenagers eat has an impact on their health, behaviour and ability to learn.

"It is a shame if young people having a packed lunch miss out on balanced nutrition."

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