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Last Updated: Wednesday September 02 2009 15:55 GMT

Top tips for school worries

Education expert talks school stress

Children across the UK are heading back to school as the summer holidays draw to a close.

For lots of kids it means big changes, as many are starting at brand new schools, or taking new subjects or being taught by different teachers.

Those changes have got a lot of you pretty stressed out about returning to lessons.

So we asked for your school fears before putting them to an education expert to help you deal with them.

Educational psychologist Vivian Hill has lots of tips, including:

• Talk to teachers about problems. You don't need to do it front of other kids, but getting to a class a bit early or hanging around afterwards could be a good time to talk through any troubles.

• Schools are used to new pupils starting so they've got experience of the problems that can occur.

• Don't be scared of being scared! Often people worry a lot about things and then when they get into class they very quickly make new friends.

• If a new teacher is more strict than you're used to, behave yourself! Get to know the rules for each teacher and work within them.

• It doesn't take long to get used to a new school. In three weeks time you'll be much more settled in and maybe even having a good time!

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