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Last Updated: Monday August 31 2009 16:06 GMT

Disney to spend $4bn on Marvel

Marvel characters the Hulk and Iron Man

Some of the biggest cartoon characters around could be teaming up soon, after Disney agreed to spend $4bn (£2.5bn) to buy comic book company Marvel.

The deal means that characters including Wall-E, Hannah Montana, Spider-Man and the X-Men will now be owned by the same company.

No-one knows yet if the deal will see the comic-book characters starring in the same films as other Disney ones.

Experts think the deal will help Disney make lots more money in the future.

At the moment Disney is really popular with girls thanks to acts like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, as well older names including Cinderella and Snow White.

Wall-E toys
Disney owns the Pixar company too

Marvel does much better with attracting boys to its products with its comic book characters.

Marvel in theme parks?

Fans are unlikely to see any huge differences straight away, but in future there could be more Marvel characters at Disney theme parks.

The deal isn't quite done yet, as officials need to make sure all the bosses at Marvel are happy with the price Disney are prepared to pay.