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Last Updated: Friday August 28 2009 06:31 GMT

Charity gives sea level warning

Family underwater

A charity has published a dramatic photo showing a family living underwater to highlight the dangers of rising sea levels.

Experts think climate change could mean sea levels rise over the next 200 years, threatening coastal towns and possibly changing how we live.

Charity group Oxfam hopes the picture gets politicians at a climate change conference to reach an agreement.

Politicians are meeting in December to discuss a new climate deal.

That conference, being held in Copenhagen in Denmark, will talk about things like the amount of carbon dioxide we produce and how much cash is given to poor countries to help them deal with climate change.

Barbara Stocking, from Oxfam, thinks it's really important we act on climate change.

"Today the poorest people are being hit hard by extreme weather events and other climate shocks, it is for their sake that we must push for a fair deal in Copenhagen," she said