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Last Updated: Friday August 28 2009 05:03 GMT

We interviewed Jacqueline Wilson

Niamh, Isabella and Charlotte with Jacqueline Wilson

Press Packers Niamh, Isabella and Charlotte got to interview their favourite author on a trip with the Brownies.

Here's their story.

"We met children's author Jacqueline Wilson.

It was amazing meeting her. We love her books and it was great to meet her in person - we got to interview her too!

She signed our favourite books that she has written which was really exciting.

Meeting Jacqueline

Jacqueline talked to the whole group before we did our interview and it was really good to hear where she gets the inspiration for her books.

She also told us how she arrived at the names for her characters.

Our interview

We each thought about what we would like to know about Jacqueline and took turns asking our questions.

We love the characters and the way Jacqueline brings them to life in all her books.

The illustrations are really pretty too - we really like them in her latest Cookie book.

The Brownies

Jacqueline said that she would consider including Brownies in one of her books.

We are sure a Brownie would make a very interesting story and we would love to hear about the adventures they get up to."

Niamh, Isabella and Charlotte, 8, London

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