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Last Updated: Tuesday August 25 2009 11:22 GMT

Protesters plan top secret demo

Newsround's Adam

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Protesters are refusing to tell the police where they are organising a huge demo set to take place on Wednesday.

Climate Camp say they don't trust the police - so are keeping details of the protest secret until the last minute.

At midday on Wednesday people taking part will get a text message telling them where the protest will be.

Police say they want to know now where the demos will take place so they can warn people living nearby about possible traffic problems.

They also want to know so they can send officers there to make sure there's no disruption.

But protesters say their demonstrations will be peaceful and there's no need to do that.

Possible locations

It's thought 22 big businesses and government environment departments will be targeted by protesters.

Heathrow Airport, the Bank of England and the government building, the Treasury are some of the possible locations for the protest.