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Last Updated: Sunday August 23 2009 11:37 GMT

X Factor gets 10m people watching

X Factor hopeful Stacey Solomon

Almost 10 million people tuned in to watch the first show of the sixth series of the X Factor on Saturday.

All the unknown singers are trying to step into the shoes of the 2008 champion, Alexandra Burke.

One big change to the show saw the hopefuls singing for the judges in front of an audience of fans, a bit like on Britain's Got Talent.

While not all the singers delighted the four judges, a 19-year-old called Stacey Solomon did impress them.

Previous winners
Alexandra Burke
2004 - Steve Brookstein
2005 - Shayne Ward
2006 - Leona Lewis
2007 - Leon Jackson
2008 - Alexandra Burke

Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole thought a lot of the single mum from Dagenham in Essex.

Later in the series some of the biggest names in music are expected to appear.

Robbie Williams has already confirmed he's going to be singing on the show, and Madonna has also been linked with a guest spot too.