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Last Updated: Friday August 21 2009 10:37 GMT

School uniforms 'too expensive'

Do school uniforms cost too much?

Wearing a school uniform may seem like a bit of a pain, but according to some politicians, it's an expensive pain!

The Local Government Association says it costs almost £700 to kit out a child for primary school for a year, and £1,200 for a secondary school pupil.

The problem is made worse because a lot of schools only sell their uniforms and kit through particular shops.

That means parents can't go to other shops or supermarkets where shirts and blazers are much, much cheaper.

The price of uniforms isn't just a big problem in England.

Uniform rules
Kids in school uniform

In Scotland, more than half of parents who struggle because of a lack of money say they can't pay for all the school stuff their children need.

The LGA say it's important that parents can buy the uniforms from where they want, and have a choice of at least two shops.

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