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Last Updated: Friday August 21 2009 11:14 GMT

In pics: The Edinburgh Festival 2009

Puppet dog

There are lots of different shows at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, and these two girls and their dog were promoting their puppet show. That dogs looks a bit scary!

Wonder woman character

There are lots of weird and wonderful people on the Royal Mile and this woman was dressed a bit like Wonder Woman to promote her show.

Giraffe Man

There are quite a few children's show on at Edinburgh and this man and his giraffe costume were in one of them about saving endangered animals.

Lots of posters

The number of posters shows how much entertainment is on at the festival. The pole was about 3m high and 2m around and was covered from top to bottom!

Tea in the street

Check out this strange sight! To get people to come and see their show these two were having a tea party in the street.


There are also lots of dance shows on at the festival and these two were showing some of their tango moves on the street. Great footwork!