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Last Updated: Friday August 21 2009 06:12 GMT

I starred in Primary School Musical

Press Packer Adam

Press Packer Adam was in a Primary School Musical

Press Packer Adam, 7, found out his school in Edinburgh was going to close.

There was a campaign to save the school and a musical was written about the battle.

Here is his story.

"I started school two years ago. I really enjoyed my new school and made friends really quickly. But within four hours of starting I found out the school was due to close!

Lots of the parents of my friends and lots of us at the school thought this was really bad, so we started a campaign to save our school.


Then one of the parents, called Angus, decided to write a musical about our struggle to save the school. We wanted to show how campaigning can make a difference.

Some of the cast of Primary School Musical
Some of the cast of Primary School Musical

We also wanted a musical that was different to High School Musical because those kids are American and not like us at all.

We rehearsed hard for the musical and I got the part of Prawn, the littlest person at school. The idea was that even though Prawn was the littlest he could still make a big difference.

I really enjoyed performing the show at the school and I wasn't nervous at all. Lots of people came to see it so we decided to put the show on in Edinburgh during the festival.

We saved our school

The Edinburgh Festival is massive and hundreds of plays and comedy and dance show are put on here each year so it was great to be part of it.

I really enjoyed making loads of new friends doing the show, but the best bit was that our school is now not going to be closed!"

Adam, 7, Edinburgh, Scotland

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