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Last Updated: Wednesday August 19 2009 16:48 GMT

Hand wash push in Scots schools

Child washing hands

Ore meets kids told to wash hands to beat swine flu

Kids in schools in Scotland are being taught to wash their hands properly in order to fight the spread of swine flu.

Because they are quite crowded places, it's thought swine flu could spread easily in classrooms and corridors.

So kids in Scottish schools are being given lessons on the easiest way to stop the bug infecting more people - regularly washing your hands.

Although the number of people catching swine flu has dropped recently, it's thought it could rise again in autumn.

Ore meets swine flu expert

Top tips on washing your hands to beat swine flu

Most people catch swine flu by touching something that has the bug on it, then putting their hands to their mouths.

The virus which causes the disease can live for a long time on things like door knobs or light switches, but washing with soap and hot water can kill it.


Experts recommend scrubbing your hands for 15 to 30 seconds, making sure you get soap between your fingers and under your fingernails.

It's important to remember that although lots of people have caught swine flu, for most of them it's no worse than having a bad cold.