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Last Updated: Wednesday August 19 2009 13:15 GMT

New Leona song 'leaked' online

Sonali finds out why the Leona leak is big news

The police have been called in to investigate how Leona Lewis' new single was "leaked" online.

The song, Don't Let Me Down, found its way onto the internet months before her new album is due in shops.

It's thought the tune, which is a collaboration between Leona and Justin Timberlake, was going to be the first single from that album.

The police were called in by a group who deal with music piracy to find out who's responsible.

Leona Lewis

The music industry watchdog wouldn't give out any information about the investigation.

Leona's record company, SyCo, is owned by X Factor judge Simon Cowell.

Other online leaks

It's not the first time one of Simon Cowell's artists has been the subject of online "leaks".

Two other Leona songs and some unfinished recordings of last year's X Factor winner Alexandra Burke have ended up on the internet too.

Some people are wondering if the tracks may have been "leaked" on purpose, to get people excited about them and talking about them with friends.

But the record company and watchdog insist that this is a serious investigation and expect arrests to be made.