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Last Updated: Wednesday August 19 2009 17:15 GMT

Leah finds out about water safety

Leah investigates inland water safety

Water safety might be something you only think applies to the beach or your local pool, but there are loads of lakes, rivers and canals all over the country that can be just as dangerous.

Leah met two kids from Perth, in Scotland, who had a big accident near their local river.

"Connor and Gemma were enjoying a morning bike ride with their mum and dad.

Gemma and Connor rode off in front, but Gemma hit a rock and tumbled over the edge, falling six metres into the river.

Her bike fell on top of her and she was trapped in the water. Her brother jumped in and helped keep her head above water.

Connor acted really fast, but told me even though he was in the water with Gemma for about 20 seconds or so it felt much longer until their dad pulled them both out.

Strong current

Gemma and Leah
Gemma stills rides her bike by the river, but keeps further away from the edge

Gemma was shaken up, bruised and covered in mud. She even lost her shoes. But she was able to ride her bike back home before being checked over by a doctor.

They took back me to the exact spot of the accident. The water was choppy and cold and the current was really strong.

Even though what happened to them was a nightmare, they both told me it hasn't stopped them from enjoying riding their bikes by the river.

But now they just stick close to their parents and keep away from the edge.

Don't jump in

What happened to Connor and Gemma was an accident, but the people who look after our waterways say loads of kids think it's safe to take a dip in lakes or canals on hot summer days.

Even though the water may look calm, it might not be under the surface. You never know how deep it is and you could easily get into trouble.

It's important for you to take trips to your canals, rivers and lakes, but the advice is to not jump in because you never know how deep the water is.

I like to have picnics by my local canal - you get to spot lots of barges that pass by!"