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Last Updated: Tuesday August 18 2009 13:42 GMT

Kids (and Leah) go to first ever classical concert


Kids - and Leah - check out classical concert

Newsround's newest reporter Leah is a big fan of live music, so was pretty pleased when we sent her to check out some top tunes.

But when she got to the gig venue it wasn't quite what she expected...

"Of all the concerts I have been to - from American singer Lauryn Hill to Beyonce and yes, even Westlife! - I never, ever considered going to see a live orchestra.

But when I met up with Kiran, Ryan, Lois and Gemma who, like me, didn't have much experience with live orchestras, that's exactly where we were going.

Cameraman Darryl and Leah
Leah hands out presenting tips to Kian, Ryan, Lois and Gemma

We had tickets for a night at the BBC Proms - two-and-a-half hours of classical music - at one of the biggest concert venues in the UK.

The Royal Albert Hall is huge, with around 8,000 seats, and a small ponds in the centre of the hall.

And if you look up the ceiling is covered in acoustic mushrooms which help the music bounce around the hall.

Workshop help

I'd heard that the night was partly inspired by a Tom and Jerry cartoon and partly by a type of house music.

Kiran, Ryan, Lois and Gemma
The team got a special classical music lesson before the concert

Before we took to our seats though we all had a music workshop to help us learn about what we would be hearing later.

I got stuck in with the guys, banging away on drums and pinging bells. We were also given some history about the performance too.

Growing fans

Around 300,000 kids have been to concerts like this in 2009. The Association of British Orchestras has given out loads of free tickets as they reckon it helps boost your ability to learn and your creativity.

The Lebecq sisters
The gang meet the Lebecq sisters after the gig

Kian, Ryan, Lois and Gemma all enjoyed the evening. They also said that it helped having a music workshop before, because they knew what was coming up and had some history behind the music.

My best moment of the night was when the the Lebecq sisters were performing.

They play on different pianos and guess each other's notes before they play them - pretty amazing stuff! They made me feel like taking up piano lessons.

I'll definitely go back to see a live orchestra again - but perhaps I'll get a Girls Aloud concert first."