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Last Updated: Tuesday August 18 2009 16:49 GMT

Sunglasses warning for children

Why kids need to wear sunglasses

Your parents may make sure you keep your skin safe with sun cream, but do they take as much care with your eyes?

Not according to a group of top eye doctors they don't, as it says parents aren't doing enough to protect their children's eyes in the sun.

More than three quarters of parents put sun cream on their kids, but the same amount DON'T make them wear sunglasses.

Children's eyes can be damaged when they grow older if they don't wear sunglasses in bright sunlight.

The College of Optometrists (eye doctors) say three out of 10 parents never buy sunglasses for their children.

Guide to buying sunglasses
Victoria Beckham

And of the parents who do buy sunglasses, some worry more about how much they cost than how well they protect the eyes.

A spokesperson for the college said: "Sunglasses don't need to be expensive to offer good protection but it is important for parents to check that the pair they buy carry a CE Mark."

People with light coloured eyes are most at risk from sun damage and those with blue eyes should always wear sunglasses, they added.