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Last Updated: Thursday August 20 2009 07:21 GMT

We met Chis Packham for an eco challenge

Chris Packham and Freya

Press Packers Freya, Fraser and Victoria took part in an eco day set up to make them think about the environment.

Here is their story.

Derwent water

"For the eco challenge we wanted to look at Derwent Reservoir as it has lots of wildlife. We decided to do a survey to find out what was visiting and living around it.

We have a log book which is kept in a clubhouse so we can write down anything we find and it is there for anyone to look at.

We were all really excited when we heard that Chris Packham was going to visit our club because most of us have been watching Springwatch on TV.


When Chris arrived he asked us about what we had found and then we took him for a walk around the club.

He told us there are lots of things to look out for as well as the wildlife we find, which give us clues to birds and animals which have been there but we haven't actually seen, like feathers.

Chris answered all our questions, even Fergus's question about how birds make their nests stick together!

Chris also told us about how to put bird boxes in the best places, so the next plan for our project is to get some bird boxes and put them up around the club."

Freya, 10, Fraser, 10, Cumbria, England

Victoria and her team
Victoria and her team

Exe Sailing club

"We set up some recycling bins around the club and wanted to encourage all everyone to recycle so we decided to design some tee shirts too.

Quite a few of us have been watching Springwatch on TV so we were very excited when Chris Packham came to visit us!

When Chris came to the club we did different activities. After lunch we did a litter pick and then weighed the bags of rubbish to see who had collected the most.

It makes the club tidier and a safer place for wildlife. We then went off to find things around the club and make a list of things that have an effect on the environment.


Some of the things we listed were; oil which can pollute the beach and water, and wasting drinking water from taps and hose pipes.

We are now going to keep on recycling and doing litter picks as well as encouraging people to put their rubbish in the recycling bins.

There are also some other ideas of using rain water to wash off our boats instead of drinking water, this will be our next project."

By Victoria, 11, Devon, England

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