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Last Updated: Monday August 17 2009 14:53 GMT

Calls to cut ham from lunchboxes

Salami sandwich

Ham should be cut from kids' lunchboxes, because it's risking your health, says a cancer-fighting charity.

The World Cancer Research Fund said eating too much processed meat like ham, bacon and sausages can cause cancer later on in life.

They reckon by changing your eating habits while you're young, less people will develop cancer when they're older.

The government said things like ham are fine in kids' lunchboxes as long as they're not eaten "too often".

Recent reports have linked some cancers with processed meat.

Fave sarnie?

It's thought thousands of people could dodge cancer if everyone only ate about 70g of processed meat a week, which is about three rashers of bacon.

The World Cancer Research Fund also want kids to cut down on snacks that could cause them to be overweight, because that might lead to cancer too.

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