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Last Updated: Monday August 17 2009 06:51 GMT

NR meets the all-boy cheerleaders

Ricky meets an all-boy cheerleading team

Getting exercise is really important and lots of children all over the UK spend their spare time running around and playing sport.

Ricky went to meet up with a group of boys keeping fit in an unusual way...

"Just outside a community centre in Leeds I could hear plenty of high-energy shouting.

It was group of boys aged between six and 12 years old. It sounded like they might be playing football or running around the playground but these boys were doing something very different with their spare time.

Cheerleaders shout for Newsround

They were practicing a cheerleading routine.

The Peewee Boyz are Europe's first all-boy cheerleading squad and they've been together for nearly a year now.

The group spend as many as 10 hours a week perfecting their routines and making sure all of their moves are in sync.

Hassle at school

Not many boys take up cheerleading so some of the members from the group told me that they get a lot of hassle at school. A couple of the boys said they didn't care and they were happy to ignore the criticism and name-calling.

And so they should, because these boys are becoming very popular indeed. Earlier this year they finished third at the BCA International Competition in Coventry.

When cheerleading goes wrong

Being the only lads in the competition, they had to compete against girls and they proved to the judges that they could shake their pom-poms just as well!

The man who teaches the Peewee Boyz is Ian Rodley. He helped to launch Dance Action Zone Leeds, which encourages children to get involved in dancing as a way of staying fit.

Ricky learns some moves

Pics of the boys
Ricky with pom-poms

And I can tell you cheerleading is a great way of exercising. The all-boy squad got a slightly older team-mate for one day only - me!

The boys taught me a few moves and showed me how it's done. I found the cheerleading pretty tricky but it definitely got my heart beating faster!

As part of my report, I got the cheerleaders to create a special cheer exclusively for Newsround. And the lads didn't let me down.

'Give me an N...give me an E... give me a W... give me an S... Newsround!'"