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Last Updated: Friday August 14 2009 13:18 GMT

Boy, 11, interviews Barack Obama

Leah looks into Damon's star interview

A 11-year-old boy has succeeded where loads of journalists fail by getting an interview with President Barack Obama.

Damon Weaver, from Florida, got his big break after making a name for himself covering the 2008 American presidential campaign for his school news team.

During their 10-minute chat at the White House, Damon quizzed Barack Obama on everything from education and poverty to bullying and mangoes.

Afterwards, Damon said the president was "a good man, very tall and nice".

During their chat, Damon got straight to the point and asked if the president had the power to make school lunches better.

American President Barack Obama

He replied: "I used to get school lunches, sometimes they wouldn't taste so good, I got to admit.

"We are actually seeing if we can work to at least make school lunches healthier."

But when Damon suggested a menu of French fries and mangoes everyday, the president wasn't so keen.

"See, if you were planning the lunch program, it'd probably taste good to you," he said. "But it might not make you big and strong like you need to be."

Tackling bullies

Damon also asked the president about what's being done to tackle poverty in America and how he handles people giving him a hard time.

President Obama said: "The main thing I just try to do is stay focused on trying to do a good job, and try to be understanding that sometimes people are going to be mad about things."

When the interview was over, President Obama praised Damon's interview technique, saying: "You did an outstanding job, I look forward to seeing you in the future."