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Last Updated: Friday August 14 2009 10:27 GMT

Swine flu jab coming in autumn

Patient being given injection

An injection to stop people catching swine flu will be given out in the autumn, but only to people who are most at risk from the disease.

People who have certain health problems and are aged under 65 will get the jab first, followed by pregnant women.

It'll then be gradually rolled out to other groups of people, but it's not yet been decided if everyone in the country will be given the treatment.

It's thought 14 million people will have had the jab by December.

Some people thought all children would be given the medicine, but that's not going to happen.

More kids than any other group have caught the bug, but it tends not to be a very serious illness for children.

People who are already suffering from other conditions like diabetes or heart disease are much more likely to have serious problems if they catch swine flu.