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Last Updated: Wednesday August 12 2009 14:19 GMT

In pics: Sandal helps duck put best foot forward

Lucky the duck modelling her sandal

A two-month-old duckling who faced being put down after fracturing one of her legs has been given a new lease of life thanks to a specially-made sandal.

Lucky's owner Allison Morgan with the two-month-old duck

Lucky the duckling faced a bleak future after an accident left one of her feet pointing in the wrong direction, but Allison Morgan from Newport, south Wales, refused to give up on her.

Cobbler Kelvin Reddicliffe who was asked to make Lucky's sandal

Allison asked cobbler Kelvin Reddicliffe if he could make a shoe to take the pressure off Lucky's webbed foot and stop it getting sore until she can have an operation to fix her foot.

Lucky tries on her sandal for size

And it seems it's done the trick. Allison said: "Obviously she is not walking straight and properly but it is enabling her to get around the garden and follow the other ducks."