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Last Updated: Wednesday August 12 2009 06:40 GMT

Greedy pig scoffs 1,000 diamond

Ginger the pig

A greedy pig called Ginger is in a bit of bother after pinching a £1,000 diamond from a woman's ring.

Ginger is thought to have nicked the precious stone after Ann Moon put her hand in a pig pen in Easingwold, North Yorkshire, on Sunday.

The hungry porker apparently bit onto her ring, and when she freed her hand, the stone was missing.

Farmer Paul Caygill is searching the pig pen and hopes Ginger might have already pooped the stone out.

He admitted he was finding it hard to hunt through the pen.

But he said: "I have got the children on it as well so hopefully we'll find it at some point."




How much do you know about the porky creatures?