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Last Updated: Tuesday August 11 2009 12:35 GMT

In pictures: Zoo welcomes baby lemur

Ruffles the lemur

A safari park in Scotland is getting used to having a new attraction bringing in visitors - Ruffles the red-ruffed lemur.

Ruby and Ruffles the lemurs

This is Ruffles and mum Ruby. The baby was born two weeks ago, and at the moment keepers aren't sure if it's a boy or a girl. They want to give Ruffles space before they find out.

Ruby the lemur

When Ruffles is older it will be as big as mum Ruby. That means it'll be around 60cm tall with a tail the same length!

Ruffles the lemur

Most of the time the new arrival just stays close to its mum, but when keepers gave Ruffles a pear to play with it didn't quite know what to do with it.

Ruffles the lemur

The head keeper at the park's pet farm said: "It was very taken with the pear and started licking it. But it's being fed by mum for now. We think Ruffles will be a big hit."

Ruffles the lemur

And it seems that not even Ruffles knows yet it if it likes the taste - maybe it needs someone to peel the pear first!