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Last Updated: Monday August 10 2009 15:28 GMT

Boys talk to NR about sea rescue

Gavin finds out about the dramatic rescue

Two children have been telling Newsround how they survived being dragged out to sea in Cornwall.

Five adults and six children were swimming at Mawgan Porth beach near Newquay on Sunday 2 August when hidden tides pulled them out of their depth.

Thankfully there were four lifeguards on the beach, who were able to get to the group and save them.

Toby, 12, said: "There probably would have been a couple of people drowning if the lifeguards weren't there."

The children had been swimming where the flags said they were allowed to, but the current - called a rip current - still caught hold of them.

Staying safe in the sea
The sea

Jack, 14, said: "I wasn't panicking, but I was worried about drifting away. I didn't know how far I would go before the rip current ended.

"It's more dangerous thinking about it now than it was at the time. At the time you don't know what is happening."

Later the family went back to the beach to say thanks to the lifeguards. They say they're going to put them forward for a bravery award.