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Last Updated: Monday August 10 2009 12:50 GMT

Brits 'too lazy to climb stairs'


Brits too lazy to do simple tasks

A study into how lazy British people are has found more than half of adults are so idle they'd catch the lift rather than climb two sets of stairs.

The survey found one in six wouldn't bother changing the channel if their TV remote control broke.

It also found half of dog owners can't be bothered to walk their pets.

And adults who say kids are lazy might need to look at themselves, as two in three parents say they're "too tired" to play with their kids.


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The government says we need to do more to get active so fewer people suffer from being overweight.

Weighing too much can lead to other problems with your health, like diabetes or heart disease.

The team behind the study, a healthcare organisation, also put together a list of the laziest cities, based on how many people didn't exercise three times a week.

Glasgow topped the table with 75% of their population avoiding a workout, followed by Birmingham and Southampton, both with 67%.

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