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Last Updated: Monday August 10 2009 06:06 GMT

The future of Britain's food


The food we eat in years to come could be very different to what we're used to at the moment, according to a report.

The government department in charge of food and farming has been looking at how our food is produced, and thinks things like climate change mean we'll have to change our habits.

We may have less choice in what we eat, meaning less fish and meat, and more locally grown fruit and vegetables.

At the moment 60 to 65% of the food we eat is grown in the UK.

Experts warn that the way we grow and transport our food sometimes isn't very good for the environment.

It's thought we might get less rain in future, so we'll have to use less water on our farms.

And growing more of our food in Britain would mean we produce less pollution transporting it.

A new plan is being put together by the government to make sure that our food supply is secure in years to come.