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Last Updated: Sunday August 09 2009 13:38 GMT

Stoat survives 30-mile car ride

Stoat stuck in the car grille

A stoat had a very lucky escape when it survived a 30-mile car journey trapped in the front grille of a sports car.

A man spotted the creature run in front of his car as he drove home at night, but thought he'd dodged the tiny animal so carried on driving.

But the next morning he found the stoat peeping out from under the bonnet, struggling to pull itself free.

Animal charity the RSPCA helped free the animal which amazingly wasn't hurt in the freak accident.


Stoat stuck in the car grille
Stoat stuck in the car grille

The stoat was given some food and some water to drink before being released back into the countryside near where the accident happened.

RSPCA Inspector Laura Jones said: "This is definitely one of the most unusual rescues I have ever been involved with.

"It is amazing that the stoat managed to escape injury, despite being stuck in the grille for more than 30 miles and several hours."