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Last Updated: Monday August 10 2009 06:31 GMT

Huge typhoon blows into China

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A huge storm has struck China and other parts of Asia, forcing almost a million people to leave their homes.

Typhoon Morakot hit coastal areas, bringing heavy rains. Buildings were washed away, farm land flooded and several people have been killed.

Morakot caused severe flooding in nearby Taiwan, where it dumped 200cm rain in a matter of hours.

And in Japan Typhoon Etau has killed at least nine people and caused flooding and landslides.

Hotel collapse

Hotel collapse in Taiwan
Hotel collapse in Taiwan

Flooding caused a hotel in the south of Taiwan to collapse, after rising water is thought to have caused the foundations of the building to become unstable.

It's thought everyone managed to get out of the hotel before it collapsed.

Typhoons happen in that part of the world between July and September.