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Last Updated: Tuesday August 11 2009 10:17 GMT

Has your pet had a lucky escape?

A cat in a travelling box

Vets were shocked this week after X-raying a dog and finding a toy plastic arrow inside her that was a big as she was!

They said they didn't expect Betty to survive, but the plucky pup pulled through.

So have any of your pets had a lucky escape?

Perhaps they've eaten something they shouldn't have, or went on an adventure and were lost for a few days.

Maybe they had a medical problem too and needed a clever vet to save them.

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Your comments

"My guinea pigs have got through a gap in the run! One of them nearly ran into the hedges because my sister was holding her too low, she's also the jumpiest."

Molly, 8, Surrey, England

"None of my pets have ever done anything they shouldn't, but my step-brother's hamster did. It ran away and they didn't see him for a few days, and finally found him behind the cooker!"

Georgia, 12, Sheffield, England

"My rabbit, Toffee, had a lucky escape because he got trapped under a table leg and no one knew, but then when I came in the room I lifted up the table and gave him a hug!!!"

Jessica, 8, London, England

"My dog ran off for three hours and we found him. But about an hour later he sat by the fireplace and started to shiver. He was rushed to the vets and had an emergency operation. He had to stay over night. He came back the next day. He still hasn't learned his lesson!"

Ellis, 12, West Sussex, England

"My dog was saved by the vets because he had e coli and needed lots of medication and my mum had to choose either to put him down or keep trying! He got much better and was saved!"

Megan, 12, Stoke, England

"My dog Tally once ate tons of chocolate coins before Christmas, of course she peeled them and didn't eat the foil just the chocolate!! We had to make her sick to throw up the coins."

Chamy, 12, East Sussex, England

"When we just came back from shopping we saw our cat which is called Soya lying on the fall like he was dead so we were really worried but we just found out that it was really sleeping!"

Lauren, 10, London, England

"My cat once ate rat poison."

Merryn, 12, Birmingham, England

"I have two rats called Peanut and Boo. My mum was hoovering next door, it scared Peanut and she jumped off the sofa and ran underneath it. Lucky I was watching her otherwise she could have been lost forever."

Alex, 14, Dorset, England

"My dog ran out in front of a car. Luckily, she is quite fluffy so all she did was boink off the car! She's fine now, but a little scared of the main road!"

Emily, 11, Staffordshire, England

"Once, while my brother and I were getting an ice-cream from the ice-cream man we forgot to shut the gate! And my dog, Archie ran of the gate and ran down the road. We got him back with some of his tasty treats!!"

Chloe, 10, Bath, England

"My teacher left £100 on the sideboard and when she got home her dog Ted had eaten £60."

Katherine, 11, Derby, England

"My puppy thought a herd of sheep on Dartmoor were puppies, so started to chase them. My mum called him but he wouldn't come as he wanted to play with them. He chased them off over the moor, which is very, very big and nearly got lost because he was having such a good time."

Grace, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"My dog Harry jumped up on our small table and ate a whole big bar of chocolate, we phoned the vet and asked what to do and she said if he was behaving strange we should take him in, but he was fine!!!"

Katie, 11, Scotland

"My dog Elsie once tried to eat a scalpel blade and 2 drawing pins, but we got them out of her mouth before she swallowed them."

Ruby, 11, London, England

"Once we went to our grandparents and when we got home I went to check our rabbits because there had just been a thunderstorm. When I got into the garden I saw two of our rabbits had escaped. My mum and dad came in and I had found one of the rabbits and was keeping a close eye on him. Just as we thought that the other one had escaped from the garden I found her. Later on we found out that they had eaten a lot of foxgloves which are poisonous to rabbits so we thought they were going to die, lucky for them they were fine."

Frances, 11, Peterborough, England

"The youngest out of my cats Coco keeps eating flies, she even ate a butterfly."

Eleanor, 10, Cambridgeshire, England

"Well my rabbit came out her cage because my friend didn't shut the cage and he did it two times. Once my dog went down the street and picked up a glass bottle and bought it back in the house."

Aimee, 9, Derbyshire, England

"My rabbit eats everything in sight, he once ate through a wire which was connected to a light. If he ate two millimetres more he would have died!"

Emily, 14, Halifax, England

"My cat nearly got attacked by the dogs next door. He escaped across the fence and over the road. Whew!"

Richard, 11, Kent, England

"Just yesterday my friend accidentally dropped my guinea pig when it jumped. It is fine though now and we're still friends!"

Isabella, 11, Southend, England

"My cat Snowy has a poorly eye but luckily is on eye drops and they are meant for humans!!!"

Cherry, 10, UK

"My cat Serephina nearly died when she got attacked by another large white spotted cat."

Melissa, 12, Scotland

"My rabbits just play, we let them out in the garden but only with supervision. I'm not letting them out now because there is a new cat in neighbourhood and it keeps coming into the garden and sunbathing."

Francesca, 10, Middlesex, England

"My dog got run over by the postman and almost broke her back. She then had to learn to walk again. She has been ran over again and was fine."

Kate, 11, Staffordshire, England

"My dog choked on a huge piece of cheese, she collapsed. My dad had to pull the piece out from the inside of her neck. She lived!"

Daniel, 11, Wales

"We were told that my cat Noodles was only going to live for two months and then he ended up living a whole two years. After that he sadly died aged 12."

Emily, 12, Stockport, England

"One day my cat went missing. We were looking for him for three days and then on the fourth day a neighbour found him in their garage. We were so relieved."

Cathy, 12, England

"A week before we moved to the UK last year, my cat went missing. We sadly had to move away without him, it was really heartbreaking. Luckily, two days after we moved we got a call from our old neighbours saying they found him in their shed. Unfortunately we have to wait six months to get him because he's in quarantine!"

Tyler, 11, UK

"My pet cat got lost in the street and I didn't saw her for four months! Eventually she came home safe and sound."

Ashley, 11, London, England

"My dog Biscuit's lead snapped once and he ran off down a long road. We were chasing him for a couple of minutes before a man at a bus stop dived to catch him. He was really lucky to live and we have a super-strength lead now!"

H, 10, UK

"No, my pets do not eat anything they should not. But they love cat and rabbit treats, and dog bones. But my cat, dog and rabbit do not get trapped."

Georgia, 10, Kent England

"When I looked after my neighbour's dog it kept finding sharp bones and swallowing them! Also my friend's cat was lost for two months and came back home!!

Ada, 11, Camden, UK"

"My hamster got lost for five weeks, but now he's perfectly fine. It turned out he was hiding in a cupboard!!"

Miky, Erdington England

"Out cat Sam climbed into a delivery van without any of us knowing, and the van ended up nearly on the other side of the country before the driver found him. But fortunately, he brought him back to our house."

Jake, 11, Southport, England

"My beagle ate our remote and we had to take her to the vet because one of the batteries had been chewed to pieces."

Rhiannon, 14, Stone, England

"My dog, Baloo, ate some string but he didn't chew it. It came out of the other end in a long line!"

Emilie, 12, Reading, England

"When my dog Meg was a puppy she often ate my knickers and socks and they came out the other end. YUCK!"

Anna, 10, Tayport, Scotland

"We were on a walk one day, and my dog was across the road when we heard a car coming. We tried to get him to stay where he was, but he decided to come trotting over to us just as the car came. The car clipped his back leg… Two years on and he's still going strong. He was so lucky, I was hysterical. But he still hasn't learnt his lesson!!"

Alex, 14, France

"My cat was locked in our neighbours shed for two days and we didn't have a clue at all."

Lisa, 9, Skewen, Wales

"My hamster lives in a really cool cage but all the tubes come out all time and he gets out a lot. Once I was camping out in my garden and I went to get a glass of milk and went to check on him and found him found him in my room. Most lucky trip to my room ever - he could have got lost forever."

Rory, 11, Worthing, England

"My dog Reggie kept eating stones when my mum let him out so he needed an operation to remove them. Then he ate a sock and he ripped his intestines. He was very lucky to survive so we keep an eye on him now."

Rosie Bryans, 11, Albox, Spain

"My dog choked on a huge piece of cheese. She collapsed and my dad had to pull the piece of cheese out of her mouth. She lived!"

Daniel, 11, Bangor, Wales

"I lost my cat for one hour but then found it behind my sofa. It was asleep."

Jordan, 11, Cheadle, England

"My cat Inga was let out by my neighbour by accident and got run over. My mum took her to the vets and he said 5 centimetres to the left of her body and she would not have made it."

Alicia, 12, Mijas, Spain

"We let my rabbits out in the garden but only with supervision. I'm not letting them out now because there is a new cat in neighbourhood and it keeps coming into the garden and sunbathing."

Francesca, 10, Isleworth, England

"My cat got locked in a house for five days without food or water."

Charlie, 13, Nottinghamshire, England

"My tortoise Tommy got out of his cage somehow. We put up lost posters but no-one found him. The next day we found him a few doors down, he is in his new cage now!"

Maisie, 11, Thanet England

"One afternoon my mum was leaving for work and as she pulled out of my drive she saw my dog Bert, 8, lying in the middle of the road. He had run out and been run-over. She took Bert to the vets who did an emergency operation on his head because there was swelling on his brain... Thanks to the vets who saved my dog and most of all thanks to the people who stopped too help him. Without my mum and the people who helped him, Bert wouldn't be here."

Jessica, 12, Essex, England

"My rabbit jumped out of his hutch and almost ran away. Luckily my mum managed to get him and put him back in the hutch!"

Samuel, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"No - my rabbits just play, eat and sleep!!

Jake, 10, Peterborough, UK

"My pet tabby cat Sophie got lost for three weeks and then someone found her and now she is the sweetest cat."

Chloe, 10, Glasgow, Scotland