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Last Updated: Friday August 07 2009 12:52 GMT

Teenager makes his own headlines

Ricky meets ultimate Press Packer

At Newsround we live and breathe the news and wrap it up for you on TV and online too.

We love it when Press Packers send us their stories and get involved in reporting.

But now Newsround may have found the ultimate Press Packer. Ricky went along to meet him.

"Scott Campbell is 14 - and his work has been published in national newspapers and with the help of a friend he runs a website dedicated to the news.

Scott's really passionate about what's going on in the world and one day hopes to be a journalist.

Scott launched his website Net News Daily in January this year as a simple blog. A couple of months later, the site has grown into a popular website with thousands of visitors every day.

Scott in the garden

On the day Michael Jackson died Scott's website crashed because so many people wanted to access it to find out more!

Logging on in the garden

Instead of running his site from an office, everything is done on Scott's laptop. He updates the latest headlines from his garden and can even put on a new story before breakfast.

At home in Aberdeen, Scott's laptop is never far from his fingers. I met up with him to see how he updates the site and to find out if I could get an article published on it too.

I offered myself up as a guest reporter for the day, writing an article about producing news for kids.

Is Ricky good enough?

After typing away frantically, Scott had a look at my story and decided that it was good enough to end up online. What a relief!

Newsround's Ricky and Scott

Throughout the summer break, Scott will be busy working on Net News Daily and he's got a couple of exclusive interviews lined up to help boost the number of hits.

Earlier this year he got a couple of articles published in the Mail on Sunday newspaper and now he's been featured on Newsround too!

Scott's mum told me how she lets him get on with the website, because she doesn't really understand all the technology he uses. Even his sister is bemused by the whole thing.

At this rate he'll be a successful journalist in no time! Good luck Scott!"