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Last Updated: Friday August 07 2009 07:00 GMT

Big drop in new swine flu cases

Swine flu virus

Good news for anyone worrying about swine flu - the number of new cases in England and Scotland has fallen "significantly", latest figures show.

An estimated 30,000 new cases were recorded in England last week, but that's down 80,000 on the week before.

And in Scotland, the estimated number of new cases fell from 1,500 to 1,050.

Health officials also say there's no sign that the swine flu virus is changing into something more dangerous, or developing resistance to medicine.

A vaccine - which would prevent people getting the virus in the first place - is expected to be available in September.

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Meanwhile, Wales is also reporting falling but widespread levels of suspected swine flu with about 2,670 new cases, compared with 4,410 last week.

Only Northern Ireland has seen an increase, with 83 new cases compared with 10 the week before.

But there's still no reason to get really worried about swine flu.

Although lots of people have got it, for most sufferers it's only as bad as having a cold and experts reckon the UK is one of the best prepared countries in the world to cope with it.