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Last Updated: Thursday August 06 2009 16:02 GMT

Leah gets top tips from brilliant painter

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Kieron's only seven - but he's a really talented artist.

Leah's been to Norfolk meet him.

"I was really excited about meeting Kieron. I'd seen pictures of his work and I was looking forward to having an art lesson with him.

Kieron, who's only seven, started painting on a family holiday and now he paints better than most adults. The last time I had done any kind of art was at school so he had his work cut out teaching me!

Kieron's painting of a church
One of Kieron's paintings

When I arrived, Kieron had his pads and paints set out on his kitchen table. We had a digital picture of a boat on a lake and with our pencils we started sketched out our picture.

We started painting, mixing colours, creating light and shade with the paints and even using our fingers to smudge things to make it look realistic.

It was a really relaxing afternoon and Kieron told me this is one of the reasons he enjoys painting.

Even though I didn't think my picture was any good Kieron was positive about my efforts and told me it looked lively.

Leah with her painting
Leah's painting

Kieron also gave me his top tips on creating a good picture. He says it's important choose the right colours, try to pack in as much details as you can when sketching. And blend blue and purple to create the sky.

Kieron's pictures are so good they're even on display at his local gallery near his house. There has also been lots of interest in his work from around the world, including America.

But for now Kieron just wants to keep practising and getting better."