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Last Updated: Thursday August 06 2009 15:33 GMT

Ricky tries surfing - on dry land!

Ricky learns to surf on dry land

The sun, sea and surf go pretty much hand in hand. Loads of people head down to the beach during the summer to ride the waves.

Newsround couldn't find the cash for expensive trip like that, so sent Ricky to try surfing on dry land!

"In cities and town centres up and down the country children have been trying out their surfing skills. Not on the beach, but outside shopping centres and even in car parks!

It's all part of the Surf Anywhere roadshow to get kids from built-up areas onto a surfboard to see if they're any good at it.

What is a street surf board?

Talent spotters were on standby in Leeds today, looking out for the next king or queen of the waves.

So how do you surf on land? Well you use something called a street surfboard. It's basically two boards stuck together with two wheels attached underneath.

You have to be really good at balancing to stay upright, and if you can master that, you might just be the type of talent the surfing scouts are looking for.

What is surfing? Click here to find out more about it

After watching all the kids zooming by without falling over, it was my turn to step up and get on with the street surfing. I wasn't very good.

Sonali surfs too!
Newsround's Sonali
Maybe Ricky can get some surfing tips from Sonali! She tried it on holiday.

One of the experts on hand tried to explain how it all worked, but I kept falling on my face.

Eventually I got the hang of things and managed to stay on the board with wheels for about seven seconds - result!

After that I put my balancing skills under more pressure on a real-life surfboard. I was slightly better at that, but still I don't think it's the right sport for me!

The whole aim of this roadshow is to create the next generation of young surfing champions.

Ricky gets surfing tips from expert Karl

More than half of Britain's current surfers didn't grow up next to the seaside. They came from cities and towns, proving that you don't need to come from the beach to follow your passion.

Surfing academy

The roadshow has already travelled through Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leeds.

So far a number of talented kids have been selected and their surfing skills will be put to the test in October. The winner will be selected to attend a surfing academy for free later in the year.

I guess that person won't be me…"