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Last Updated: Thursday August 06 2009 14:01 GMT

In pictures: Harry Patch's funeral

People watch Harry Patch's coffin drive past

Thousands of people took to the streets of Wells in Somerset for the funeral of former soldier Harry Patch who died at the age of 111 on 25 July.

Children at Harry Patch's funeral

Mr Patch was the last British man still living in the country to have fought in the trenches during World War 1. Many people wanted to pay their respects.

A policeman in Wells in Somerset

This policeman saluted Mr Patch's coffin when it drove past. As many as 8.5 million soldiers are thought to have died in the World War 1.

The order of service for Harry Patch's funeral

Only one British soldier from the World War 1 is still alive. Claude Choules is 108 and now lives in Australia.

Pall bearers at Harry Patch's funeral

The man carrying Mr Patch's coffin are all from the 1st Battalion The Rifles. The regiment is what has become of Mr Patch's regiment, the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.

Crowds outside the cathedral

Hundreds of people stood outside the cathedral in Wells, Somerset. They watched the service on big screens outside.

People dressed as soldiers at Harry Patch's funeral

Some men dressed in clothes like the ones soldiers in World War 1 wore. The men are from the Great War Society.

Harry Patch's coffin

Men from Germany, France and Belgium walked with Mr Patch's coffin. Mr Patch believed in peace, and respected soldiers from all countries.