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Last Updated: Thursday August 06 2009 13:34 GMT

Quiz: Camping


Question 1

Which of these is not a knot you could use while camping?

A: Trucker's hitch
B: Bowline
C: Snake loop grabber

Question 2

Which of these is not part of a tent?

A: Flysheet
B: Groundsheet
C: Wallsheet

Question 3

Which of these is not a type of tent?

A: Bell tent
B: A-frame tent
C: Obelisk tent

Question 4

What is normally used to secure a tent to the ground?

A: Screws and wires
B: Pegs and guy ropes
C: Nuts and bolts

Question 5

If you were camping somewhere there were a lot of insects you might need a:

A: Mosquito net
B: Fly gun
C: Bug cannon

Question 6

What type of bag do you need when you're camping?

A: Handbag
B: Sleeping bag
C: Shopping bag

Question 7

Which of these things wouldn't be very useful when you're camping?

A: Torch
B: First Aid Kit
C: Computer

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