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Last Updated: Thursday August 06 2009 06:42 GMT

In pictures: Boy, 7, becomes famous artist

Kieron with one of his watercolour paintings

You normally need years of experience and training to become a talented artist, but Kieron has only recently turned seven and he's already better at painting than most adults.

One of Kieron's watercolour paintings of a boat

Kieron picked up a paintbrush and started doing watercolours of boats while on holiday with his family in Devon last year. Now he practises every day.

One of Kieron's watercolour paintings

His paintings are so good they're already been displayed at a gallery near his house in Norfolk, East Anglia.

One of Kieron's watercolour paintings of a church

Art lovers and critics from all over the world are interested in Kieron's artwork, which includes churches, rural landscapes and sea scenes.

One of Kieron's watercolour paintings, of a boat by a river

Kieron's teacher, and local gallery owner, Carole-Anne Pennington, said he had a "very special gift", but added: "He works very hard at it and paints every minute he's got."

Leah's finished watercolour

Leah met up with Kieron to get some top tips on how to create the perfect watercolour, before having a go herself.

One of Kieron's watercolour landscapes

Kieron's advice? "A good sky, choosing the right colours for the right parts of the paper and really small detail," he said.

Kieron and Leah with their watercolours

And here's the results of Kieron's quick masterclass with our newest reporter. Not bad Leah!