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Last Updated: Wednesday August 05 2009 16:56 GMT

Author calls for more art lessons

Maddy chats to Anthony Browne

A top kids' author has called for more time to be set aside for kids to learn how to draw.

Anthony Browne is the Children's Laureate, so he has to promote reading. But he's also an illustrator and says he's worried about how much art you do.

He says the tests you do put more emphasis on reading than drawing, and that might mean not enough kids become artists in the future.

So he wants one day a year set aside to let children get arty at school.

Illustration by Anthony Browne
Anthony Browne is also an illustrator

He suggests every kid in the country play a game which he thinks would help you get creative, called "the shape game".

Each child starts by drawing a random shape, then passes it on to another kid to draw their random shape and so on, until it develops into an illustration.

"What I'd really like to do is get as many people as possible all playing the shape game on the same day," he said. "Parents and children could draw together."