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Last Updated: Wednesday August 05 2009 14:46 GMT

Ricky joins mobile cinema's journey

Newsround's Ricky

Ricky visits travelling cinema

A group of cinema fans are bringing the movies to remote locations in a unique way.

Ricky went to the Scottish Highlands to find out more.

"I really enjoy grabbing a few mates together and heading to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster movie.

For me, it's really easy. I've got two massive multiplex theatres on either side of my village.

But that's not the same story for everyone. Many people in the UK live in rural villages and remote areas. Simple things like going to the cinema or the supermarket can sometimes prove a bit tricky.

That's the case for thousands of people who live in the Highlands in Scotland.

Truck on narrow roads
The truck took some winding roads

Oscar-winning actress

To combat the lack of cinemas a group of film fans launched the Screen Machine.

It's a giant truck that weighs over 33 tonnes and it travels across the Highlands showing all kinds of films.

This week the truck has been hired out by Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton. You'll probably remember her as the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia.

She's taken control of the truck along with a couple of her friends and film fans.

For this week only the mobile cinema has been decorated with tinsel, coloured flags and tartan. There's no way you can miss it!

All week crowds of people have been following the truck, and on Tuesday I joined them.

Ricky in the hills
The scenery was spectacular

Screen on wheels

I got to take part in all the festivities and even managed a chat with Tilda.

She told me how important she thinks it is for children as young as seven to get involved in films and to go to the cinema to see a varied mix of releases.

Tilda reckons the cinema can get a lot of young people enthusiastic about the arts and culture.

At one point, all the people following the van get out of the minibus and pull the screen-on-wheels with two giant ropes.

Expanding truck

For one hour a day during the mobile cinema's journey, all the film fans shed a lot of sweat pulling it along while chatting away and singing along to a bike with a couple of speakers attached!

It all sounds very odd, but the spirit between everyone was really lively and fun to be around.

Cinema screen
The cinema's a bit smaller than most

Eventually the truck ended up by the famous Loch Ness with stunning scenery everywhere I looked.

Once it parked up, the truck started to expand. It's a specially adapted truck and can seat up to 80 people inside it!

The truck is around until this weekend, winding its way through the Highlands before ending up in Tilda's hometown of Nairn."