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Last Updated: Tuesday August 04 2009 11:28 GMT

Strange tale of famous fish death

Leah investigates this fishy tale

Fishermen are trying to figure out why a famous MASSIVE fish that was caught 63 times in its 13-year-life died.

Benson the carp lived in lakes near Peterborough and over the years munched her way through so much food that she became one of Britain's biggest fish.

The size of a nine-year-old, her appetite appears to have got the better of Benson after she was found dead.

It's thought she couldn't resist eating some uncooked nuts thrown in the lake, which fish can't cope with.

Benson weighed a whopping 29kg (64lb) when she died and was a bit of a celebrity fish after being voted Britain's Favourite Carp in 2005 by Angler's Mail readers.

Benson the carp (pic courtesy Bluebell Lakes)
Lots of anglers caught Benson during her life

And it seems that Benson's death may be down to an un-named irresponsible angler.

Nuts are often thrown into lakes to attract fish towards angler's rods, but experienced fishermen know they need to be cooked first.

Because these nuts were raw it's thought they were thrown in on purpose, by someone who didn't know they were harmful to the fish.