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Last Updated: Monday August 03 2009 15:41 GMT

Ricky revs up for lessons in F1!

Ricky revs up for science lessons

There are many things you expect to see in a science lesson. A Bunsen burner, the odd test tube and microscope or two...

But one thing you wouldn't expect to see is a Formula One racing car!

Ricky revved up to find out more.

"This season of Formula One has been a corker so far. For me, nearly every Grand Prix has been must-watch TV event and it's proved really popular with you guys too.

So how about mixing Formula One with school to make science lessons a little bit more fun?

Test tubes
This is what a normal science lesson looks like.

Well that's what one school just outside of Manchester has done. They've set up a special science workshop called Sci-Tech which aims to make learning more interesting and interactive.

Real-life F1 car!

The biggest attraction is a real-life Formula One car on display. It's being used to demonstrate aerodynamics as well as engineering.

Brawn GP donated their stand-by race car to the people in charge of the workshop and it's going down a storm.

A Brawn F1 car and pupils
The kids got to use an unusual piece of equipment.

Over the last week, hundreds of kids have been checking out the car, touching the tyres and even testing out what it feels like to be a Grand Prix driver.

The car has actually been driven by Jenson Button - who has been a Grand Prix winner six times this season.

I climbed into the driving seat which proved a bit tricky. It took two men to help me into the race car.

Couldn't move!

Once I got in, I felt a bit claustrophobic as I couldn't move my legs very much and I was strapped in. I can't imagine how the real drivers go over 200mph - I don't think I could manage 20mph in this car without panicking!

Children try a pit stop
And try a pit-stop on a go-kart

As part of the lesson, lots of kids got to recreate a high speed pit-stop using a go-kart. The children were buzzing from the excitement and absorbing all the information from the nearby teachers.

Back when I was at school it would have taken me a lot to get me out of the garden and into the classroom during the summer break.

But for these students in Manchester, the race car opened up their imagination and got them learning a thing or two about science."