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Last Updated: Monday August 03 2009 11:29 GMT

Historian says haggis is ENGLISH


You might think of haggis as a famous Scottish dish, but a history expert claims it is in fact ENGLISH.

Historian Catherine Brown said she found an ancient recipe for the dish published almost 200 years before any evidence of the meal in Scotland.

The English book is dated 1616 - but first mention Ms Brown could find of Scottish haggis was in 1747.

Haggis is made of different animal parts, including a sheep's stomach, lungs and heart.

Ms Brown told the newspaper The Telegraph that a book called The English Hus-Wife, suggested that haggis was first eaten in England but then became more popular with Scottish diners.

She told the paper that the first mention she could find of Scottish haggis was 131 years after the book was published.

But ex-world champion haggis maker Robert Patrick insisted: "Nobody's going to believe it."

Burns night

Haggis is traditionally served on Burns night, along with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes).

Burns night celebrates the life of the famous poet Robert Burns, who wrote the poem called To A Haggis, all about the famous snack.

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