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Last Updated: Monday August 03 2009 08:33 GMT

Girl fights ban on playing outdoors

Watch Francesca's report

Press Packer Francesca was annoyed when she was stopped from playing games outside with her friends.

So she spoke to the council to get it sorted out. Here's her story.

"I used to play cricket and football outside with my friends. Then some of our neighbours wrote a letter saying we weren't allowed to play outside any more. They blamed us for things getting broken, and said it was dangerous.

When my dad showed me the letter I was really angry, because I knew they couldn't just stop us playing outside.

Kids are always told we need to be healthier, but now we're stuck inside watching telly, and increasing the electricity bill.

Ban was lifted

In the end the neighbours said we could play outside, so long as we didn't play any ball games. If I want to play football I have to go to the park.

But lots of my friends aren't allowed to play in the park without adult supervision.

I've looked on the internet for things to do, but everything is either really expensive or really far away, and difficult for me to get to.

When I spoke to the council about it, they said they try and plan activities where they know lots of young people hang about.

There are things going on that I'd like to do, I've just got to find a way to get to them."

Francesca, 11, Rochester, England

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