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Last Updated: Monday August 03 2009 08:06 GMT

Bank says it's made billions

Barclays building

It looks like there's some good news for Britain's money problems, after a big UK bank announced it's doing well and has made billions of pounds profit.

Around a year ago, the UK government lent some banks billions of pounds to help them get through a cash crisis, using tax-payers money.

On Monday Barclays announced it made £2.98bn so far this year - but it was one of a banks which DIDN'T need cash.

Some bank workers could get a share of around £4m in bonuses or extra cash.

But the news could anger adults whose tax money was used to bail banks out.


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Another big bank called HSBC is set to announce how much money it made later on Monday.

Lloyds and RBS are expected to announced how well their businesses have done later in the week.