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Last Updated: Wednesday August 05 2009 07:44 GMT

I am a member of the Youth Parliament

Press Packer Samuel and Bridget Prentice from the Ministry of Justice who he interviewed
Samuel and Bridget Prentice from the Ministry of Justice who he interviewed

Press Packer Samuel, 13, is a member of the Youth Parliament.

He explains what this means and why he has a passion for politics:

"I joined 300 members of the UK Youth Parliament in Canterbury for the annual sitting of all the MYPs.

I am an MYP - which stands for Member of Youth Parliament.

We all got together to plan our campaigns for the next year, revise our vision, meet some famous people including Bridget Prentice from the Ministry of Justice, the new Speaker of the House of Commons and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

It was good to meet other MYPs and learn how other people are making a difference to their communities.

Political interest

I have always been very interested in politics and how the decisions that affect our lives are made.

When I found out that there was a local youth council in my area, I immediately wanted to stand for election!

And it was the young people of my town voted me in as their representative on the Kent Youth County Council.

Then the chance to stand for election to the UK Youth Parliament arose.

I did not expect to get in as I am the youngest member of the Kent Youth County Council but the members voted me, along with six others from Kent, into the UK Youth Parliament!

The UK Youth Parliament is an organization that wants to make life better for all 11-18 year olds.

Make change

Half are girls and a quarter are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds but we all share one thing in common - a desire for change for the better.

I really care about three key issues: the price and amount of public transport, the abolition of university tuition fees and lowering the voting age to 16.

I particularly care about transport because it is so important to young people as they have to get to school, youth clubs and activities.

I admire so many politicians for so many different reasons, in particular American President Barack Obama, as he overcame so many barriers to be where he is today.

If I was a proper MP the first thing I would do would be to make public transport much cheaper."

Samuel, 13, Kent

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